Sea Freight

The transport of goods by sea is the most common mode of transport for long distances with the possibility of servicing large volumes of freight of different types at the most affordable prices compared to other modes of transport.

We AI CARGO BG offer container shipments to and from all import and export destinations in the world via the ports of Varna, Bourgas and Thessaloniki. Our company proposes organizing cross-trade, port-to-port and door to door.

We can also provide you with specialized transport with refrigerated containers, transport of bulk cargo with flexi tanks, tank containers, transport of oversized cargo with “flat-rack” or “open top” containers, as well as dangerous (IMO) loads and transport for smaller loads with Less containers Load (LCL).

Based on our very good knowledge of maritime shipping and our preference rate negotiations, we will provide you with an optimal price / transit time and the most suitable type as per your needs.

Ai Cargo as member of few International freight forwarding organizations have a global network of agents around the world. In addition to organizing transport, we also provide comprehensive monitoring of transport. We will prepare an individual solution for you for each load and will offer you additional various services that you would need as:

  • selecting appropriate container equipment and optimal transit time
  • preparation of transport documents
  • information on customs formalities and customs representation import, export, transit or warehousing in ports of Thessaloniki, Burgas, Varna or other;
  • reloading of goods, containerization or de-containerization
  • delivery or receipt of goods from or to your address

Types of containers and sizes see here.