Frequently asked questions

We, the Freight forwarding companies, are all over the world to help people and businesses to arrange proper transport mode.

Find 3 Frequently Asked Questions on Freight Forwarding.

What is forwarding?

Forwarding is the service of arranging and arranging freight transport from one location to another.

The Forwarder is a specialist in a company providing transport services with water (sea, river), road (road, rail) and air transport, performed by carrier companies. Forwarding is the company that assumes responsibility for delivering the load to the customer. When a business decides to export or import its products, it quickly faces many circumstances and regulations that it has to overcome. To deal with these obstacles easily, they are turning to us forwarders. International shipping is a complex matter and challenge, and that makes forwarding services so important and useful to any business that needs goods transportation.

What is the role of freight forwarders?

The role of freight forwarders varies according to the exact services they offer, but essentially acts as an intermediary between the customer and the many freight transport services. These transport services may include customs, documentary, loading and unloading, etc. Freight forwarders engage in such services, especially in air and sea freight. Forwarders negotiate prices and terms for the benefit of their customer, use the most economical route for knowing the different documentation requirements, and the regulations protect the interest of their client.

Why should I use the forwarding service?

Most importantly, the forwarding service saves time, money and stress , while providing reliable transport. In most cases, freight forwarders provide point-to-point services, assuming full responsibility for transportation. We AI Cargo BG has concluded FORWARDER’S RESPONSIBILITY insurance amounting to EUR 100,000 per unit load, which provides additional peace to our customers for the goods provided to us for carriage.